About NCSC Singapore

Since 1972, Georgetown International Relations Association (GIRA) has been running the National Collegiate Security Conference (NCSC). As one of the largest and most prestigious crisis-based collegiate conferences in North America, NCSC prides itself on its substantive depth and excellent committees. The main mission of NCSC is to expose delegates to realistic, security-based crisis and committees, giving delegates the skills and experience which can be applied in the real world. As GIRA brings NCSC to Singapore, they are determined to continue to bring the innovative committees as well as the high quality committees. NCSC Singapore will bring delegates from around Asia into a unique crisis experience. Delegates will push their limits of their creativity, diplomatic skills, and knowledge as they engage in either one of four crisis committees or one of our two larger security-focused committees. Certainly the experience at NCSC Singapore will allow delegates to further develop their knowledge and problem-solving skills.