jcc Flight of the eagle and dragon: trade war 2018 (china)


In the year of 2018, Xi’s Politburo must be ready to tackle the many different crises at hand. One of the most pressing issues is in reference to the economy, with slowing growth rates and problems with trade due to the stubbornness of the United States’ leadership. These problems have heightened at times, with military scares in places like the disputed territories of the South China Sea. The cabinet has new forms of leadership to tackle with the growing pains of Donald Trump and the permanence of Xi Jinping as “president for life.”

Topic b

Territorial Sovereignty

topic a

Trade Conflicts

topic A: Trade Conflicts

After 30 years of rapid economic growth, the growth has slowed down in the country. With the election of Donald Trump, and his policies of America First, China is feeling economic pressure. The United States believed that past years, China has gotten away with economic benefits from better negotiations during trade deals. Thus, there has been an escalation of tariffs present between China and the US. It is up to the delegates to maintain the trade advantage that China has had in the past.  

topic b: Territorial Sovereignty

The People’s Republic of China considers many territories around their country as their own. However, international maritime laws do not recognize these islands in the South China Sea as distinctly Chinese. Thus, China has been at odds with the rest of the world. The government has taken measures to defend their territories and sovereignty, oftentimes militarizing the zone for protection. These actions have been threatening to the United States and other countries. Thus, the delegates must help China maintain territorial sovereignty and combat the claims against their right to do so.