Around the world, law enforcement agencies work to ensure that the populations they serve are guaranteed security. Since 1914, INTERPOL has let those law enforcement agencies work together to coordinate ways to make our world a safer place. Using high-tech infrastructure, technical, and operational support, INTERPOL builds on its principles of neutrality and basis in international law to uphold the safety of all people. As a member of INTERPOL, you will be tasked with finding operational, technical, and strategic solutions to major problems facing the global law enforcement community.

topic b

Investigating Terrorist Funding

topic A

Combating Wildlife Trafficking

topic a: Combating Wildlife trafficking

Wildlife Trafficking is a problem that defies traditional solutions. While the international community has been able to reduce drug trafficking and human trafficking through demand-reduction initiatives and other consumer-end issues, differing legislation on a country-by-country basis and a massive rise in demand for wildlife and wildlife products mean that the illegal wildlife market has only grown in the past decade. With environmental stability on the line, and terrorist and other criminal groups increasingly turning to wildlife trafficking to boost their revenues, it is vital that INTERPOL coordinates to find solutions to this issue. Delegates will have to contend with a dearth of international law specifically targeting wildlife trafficking, coordinating on jurisdiction and prosecution concerns, and finding impactful operations that can take down the vicious perpetrators of these crimes. 

topic b: investigating terrorist funding

Terrorist attacks have become a growing problem throughout the world. With more and more lone actors, operations to disrupt terrorist plots is often a domestic issue. However, terrorist funding networks, often coordinated through the internet or cross-border transfers, are essential to the perpetration of terrorist attacks, and cannot be disrupted without collaboration at the local, regional, and national level. Balancing each nations rights to private financial networks and sovereignty with coordination in freezing assets, disrupting funding mechanisms (including legal and black market operations), and using assets to track relationships within terrorist networks require coordination through INTERPOL. Delegates will have to dive into the status of trafficking and anti-terror funding initiatives in their own nation to coordinate a global strategy for cutting off terrorist funding networks.